The Artists

Alasdair Roberts

Alasdair Roberts has worked with Jason Molina – along side Will Oldham/ Bonnie Prince Billy – on ‘Amalgamated Sons of Rest’ in 2001 as well as releasing a split 7” with Songs: Ohia with his previous band Appendix Out in 1998, and working on Songs: Ohia album Lioness, alongside members of Arabstrap.

‘Alasdair Roberts has been based in Glasgow for the past ten years. His first releases consisted of home-made four-track recordings of his songs under the name Appendix Out, the band line-up was ever-changing, but throughout its existence variously included, among others, David Elcock, Louise Dowding, Eva Peck, Tom Crossley, Aki Okauchi, Gareth Eggie and Kate Wright of Movietone.

Around the time of The Night Is Advancing, Alasdair was gradually becoming more and more immersed in the traditional song and balladry of the British Isles, resulting in the first release under his own name, the solo guitar-and-voice album of traditional songs The Crook of My Arm (Secretly Canadian, 2001). In 2001 Alasdair also found the time to collaborate with Jason Molina and Will Oldham; the result was the Amalgamated Sons of Rest EP (Galaxia), a brief collection of songs written by the three individuals, covers, traditional songs and one co-written track.

He has toured and trodden the boards with such artists as Joanna Newsom, Magnolia Electric Co, Bill Callahan/Smog, The Decemberists, Charalambides and Heather Leigh Murray, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, Kiila, Dick Gaughan, Waterson/Carthy, Donald Lindsay, The Yummy Fur, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Eddi Reader (doing the songs of Robert Burns), Eyes and Arms of Smoke, Jack Rose, The Anomoanon, Shirley Collins, Richard Youngs and too many others to mention.’


Emit Bloch

‘ “Like a modern-day Woody Guthrie, Bloch rattles through 16 songs filled with wry observations about life, love and hugging trees. While tapping into the DNA of the great American songwriters, Bloch delivers something fresh, vital, uncluttered, brilliant …and cheap.” – The Sun, UK

“An exceptional songwriter…highly narrative country songs in the style of Hank Williams with an absurdist wit and mordant melancholy that recall Gary Larson cartoons. These sound like Alan Lomax’s ancient field recordings, albeit with bathetic contemporary references – and all are utterly remarkable.” – *****UNCUT March, UK

“Picture John Galiiano dressed as a cowboy, that Emit Bloch. I think He’s brilliant” – Lauren Laverne, BBC6

“Despite the ultra low-fi approach it’s instantly clear that Bloch has the balls and the songwriting talent to pull this one off. Dictaphones Vol. 1 is far from amateurish and at times could easily be mistaken for a brilliant Woodstock-era bootleg straight from the bottom of a beatnik’s backpack.”  –  Music OMH, UK

‘This talismanic new country singer is dragging country music kicking and screaming into the 21st Century’  – Fresh Deer Meat, UK’


The Mariner’s Children (solo)

‘The Mariner’s Children are a 7-piece alt. folk band established in Brighton that play densely textured, upbeat, heartfelt and intense folk music. Meshing the intricate guitar interplay of Pentangle with the barnstorming raucousness of Arcade Fire. They released their debut EP, “New Moore Island” via Broken Sound Music on 1st November, and have just completed their first headline tour of the UK.


Dog Ears

<p><a href=”″>Shhhh! Sat 4 Feb 2012 – Dog Ears</a> from <a href=””>The Local</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Jess Bryant

‘ “At once ancient and childlike, the pure tone of Jess Bryant’s rich alto voice travels straight to my heart….Jess stands as a rare and beautiful singer, so in tune with the expressive capacity of pitch, tone & the poetry of nature.” – Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond)’


Fierce County

‘Fierce County are Benjamin Clough, Chris Rice, Emily White and Tim Mosley. Their ethos is simple; play anywhere they are welcomed and record only live, with each take appearing totally unique and fiercely proud of its imperfections.’


Ali Warren

‘ “I was always pretty angry but to this day I’m not entirely sure what about,” muses 23 year old Ali Warren. Though his singing is more of a rich Jeff Buckley croon than a shout, as a country boy who bucked the school system, moved to London with nothing but a pair of flip-flops, and whose heroes range from Fela Kuti to Doris Day, his lyrics aren’t short of substance. In his own words “Music has given me an excuse to shout a lot whilst being able to call it an art form”.

Raised in Taunton, Somerset, Ali whiled away classroom hours dreaming of being a saxophonist, which stuck as a pipedream when he couldn’t cough up the money for an instrument. But when dope and Blues in the shape of Leadbelly, Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker took a hold of him Ali turned his attention to the guitar.

Whilst university nearly put him off of music entirely, he did make it to the finishing line. He tried to prevent the degree making music “a trade rather than any sort of expression” grabbing any support slots and open mic opportunities going and eventually compressed all the songs he’d been playing around London into the EP ‘Good Morning I’ve Taken My Medicine”. Now with a fully-fledged band behind him in the form of guitarist Reck, bassist Dan Blatchford, drummer Paul Love and cellist Miriam Wakeling, Ali Warren is working on a full album, which he hopes to tour in order for it to reach as many ears as possible.

Additionally Ali runs London based club night ‘Stroke Your Beard’ with Dan Runciman. The aim of the night is “to get a community going, somewhere that has an audience that listens.” Whether we’re achieving that or not is down to everyone else but whatever happens we’re enjoying ourselves and there’s a lot to be said for that.” That is the approach Ali takes to music-making too, and that is certainly something to shout about.’


Rafaeli and The Real

‘Having got his start playing psychedelic folk guitar as part of Scotland’s Fence Collective, JS Rafaeli formed the cult anti-folk noiseniks Go Rimbaud, and twee, sugar-pop darlings The Bicycle Thieves, before spending a while playing guitar for The Aliens (EMI), made of ex-members of The Beta Band.

Now, after a break writing books, JS has teamed up with the extraordinary talents of Matt Barnes, Emily Kraemer, Laurie McNamee, and Lambros Zannettos to create an all-new band. The sound could be described as indie-gospel: at times uplifting, euphoric, poetic, and catchy as hell – this band has something special. Some reference points might be Pavement, Nick Cave, The Staple Singers, Arcade Fire, The Velvet Underground, and Otis Redding.’


Brigid Power-Ryce

‘Brigid Power Ryce’s stellar yet earthy folk-blues stylings and languid lullabies are sure to hypnotise.’


Vintage Synths

A mysterious special guest…


Peter Delaney

Peter Delaney is a Limerick born songwriter who draws inspiration from traditional songs and old folk music as well as the lilting melancholy of vintage Hawaiian recordings. In 2007 Peter self-released his debut mini album ‘Duck Egg Blue’, which has received regular airplay in Ireland, England, Holland and Australia and was re-released through Deadslackstring Records in June 2011. He released a limited live CD through Apolloaan Recordings in 2010 and has just finished recording a new full length album.

Peter has joined both Oscar winners The Swell Season and Fionn Regan as support act on the Irish leg of European tours. He was invited by Donal Dineen to play the main Body & Soul stage at Electric Picnic and in 2009 he played the VPRO Dwars festival and radio session in Amsterdam with other radio sessions including Donal Dineens Midsummer Sundays on Today fm and Blue Of The Night on Lyric fm.

Peter has toured extensively throughout Ireland, England and Norway and has played alongside many popular folk musicians including A Hawk and a Hacksaw (USA), Phosphorescent (USA), Alasdair Roberts (Scotland), Alela Diane (USA), Mariee Sioux (USA), Steffen Basho-Junghans (Germany), Jozef van Wissem (Netherlands), Sharon Krauss (UK), Thinguma*jigSaw (Norway), C Joynes (UK), Cian Nugent (Ireland).

Peter is also a member of the band Red Eskimo and runs Wireless Folk, a live acoustic folk night in Limerick. He makes short films, experimental films and music videos.


Laurie McNamee 

That’s me! The host of this event. If you hadn’t already guessed it, I really, really like Jason Molina!

‘London based musician Laurie McNamee is a singer, multi instrumentalist and composer whose music traverses numerous genres from folk noir to minimalist Americana; her compositions drawing on modern classical and free-jazz influences.

Having been described as a post-rock Joanna Newsom, she has also gained maybe more apt comparisons to Jason Molina (Songs: Ohio, Magnolia Electric Co.) in her experimental song writing methods, Low in her emotive sound and both Nina Nastasia and Bjork in her powerful yet hauntingly delicate vocals.

A series of well received shows preceded her self released debut album ‘…and they will teach us that eternity is but the standing still of time…’ in March 2008. This intriguingly titled and startlingly mature release features not only her unique vocals, but her unique guitar picking methods as well as highlighting her instrumental prowess on Celtic harp, banjo, cello, bandolin, charango, harmonium and percussion.

In 2010 ‘Enaleigh‘ was recorded as the first in a series of Recording in Interesting Places project. In the beautiful setting of a countryside church, the EP was recorded live over the course of two days.

Laurie is now working on a new album titled ‘These Dragon’s Jaws which were Always Open (I am not a Folk Musician)’.

Laurie has performed at many London venues including The Union Chapel, The Luminaire, The Vortex and Bush Hall. She has composed or film and theatre, for projects such as L.I.F.T (London International Festival of Theatre) in 2008, and in 2009 collaborated with musician Charlie Henry on Royal College of Art graduate Hannah Warren’s final animation piece ‘I Knew You Here Once’, as well as projects with film students from the Slade School of Art. She has been featured on Tom Robinson’s 6 Music radio show as well as radio programs in America, Canada and Europe.


Information on this page is taken from the artists biographies.


© 2012 Jason Molina benefit: London – All Rights Reserved

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