Supporting Promoters

beware! the crows bite… is a music and arts collective putting on one off events here and there. Run by musician Laurie McNamee with a lot of help form her friends…


5000 Presents

We’re very pleased to have the support of 5000 Presents which is run by now-closed The Luminaire co-founder, co-owner and manager, Andy Inglis. The Luminaire was the winner of London Live Venue of The Year 2006 and UK Live Venue of The Year 2007, where Jason performed several times.

The Local

Led by Howard Monk, the dummer of Billie Mahonie, The Local grew from Knom which were at one time Jason’s main promoter’s when he visited london.

Stroke your Beard

Stroke Your Beard is a London based roots and alternative musical promotions company. We currently run nights at The Hideaway (Archway) and The Windmill (Brixton) with occasional forays to The Rocket (Acton) and The Good Ship (Kilburn).

We only have fragments of information gathered from weary travellers and old songs but the story goes that on one particularly sunny afternoon, three exceptionally hairy men found themselves at a loss as to what to do. With this in mind they did what any self respecting men would have done and immediately set out in search of noise.
When they found the noise they were ecstatic and immediately bottled it for safe keeping. Now once the first noise had been found there was no stopping it, they searched far and wide, up and down from side to side and town to town and soon enough they had more noise than they could ever have imagined possible! What to do? Well there seemed only one option. They made one incredibly big noise.

This noise has now gotten so large that it is flooding the streets for all to hear.

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