This is why…

by host Laurie McNamee


This September I will be organising a London based benefit concert for Jason Molina, the proceeds of which are intended for Jason’s medical fund. I am also putting together a benefit album of covers of Jason’s songs with contributions from the musicians performing at the concert as well as some who are not, expect some some great collaborations!

In addition, I would like to highlight the issues that affect so many people surrounding alcohol and drug abuse which is something that I feel very strongly that people need help with.

I can’t imagine a better way for me personally to help Jason. I have been a huge admirer of Jason’s music for some 13 years and, as a musician myself, I am heavily influenced by his music. Like many admirers of his work, I have missed seeing Jason play live and hearing new music from him over the last three years or so and, so, when I learnt about his illness and the medical bill issues connected with it, I thought about the best way to raise money for him so he can carry on with his music. The best answer for me was with music, and, since then, I have recruited some wonderful musicians and promoters in both my home city of London as well as from further afield who all have their personal connection to Jason; either through having worked with him, having been influenced by him, or are simply appreciative of his music.

After a very successful ‘trial’ at my 30th birthday party in January, where the wonderful Jess BryantFierce County; Ola Lemke (the other half of my duo Lady with the Lempkin); Rafaeli and the Real and Ali Warren, each played a song of Jason’s amongst a set of their own songs, I decided to put on the concert ‘properly’ to raise money for Jason


Here is some more information on why his family have set up a fund for his medical bills.

You can donate directly as well. Details can be found in the link above.

I have received various stories from friends, associates, and fellow musicians regarding Jason’s health issues. A very touching account can be found here.

I aim now to make the benefit concert and album as successful as possible. The main aim is, of course, to raise as much money for Jason’s medical fund as possible, but, also, to bring his need for help to as wide an audience as possible, to re- introduce his music to his fans and gain new fans through the artists involved in the project who are influenced by him and love his music.


© 2012 Jason Molina benefit: London – All Rights Reserved


One thought on “Why?

  1. david tattersall says:


    My name is david tattersall and I play in a london based band called the wave pictures. we have been working on a similar project to you. I wonder if perhaps we could pool our resources? I have cover versions of Jason Molina songs from friends of mine and ourselves. I would be happy to help out your release or whatever you want to do. I’m not sure whether we can play your show or not (or, of course, if you would want us). Any road, we should speak about things as I’m sure I could help you out in some way. We have some good covers of Molina songs from some good people. Please email me. thanks and good work. David

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